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What is the Kanban Board in Zurmo and how do I use it? A Kanban board is one of the most popular tools for boosting productivity and are gaining popularity in large and small companies. The reason for this is that it is so easy and efficient to use. Let’s look at an example!

For the purposes of this post we will assume there are multiple items listed under the Opportunities module on the Zurmo Dashboard.

From the Zurmo Dashboard, select Opportunities.

kanban opportunities

Once the Opportunities option is selected, Zurmo will refresh and present you with a list of the opportunities you have previously entered. For illustration purposes we only show two opportunities below; the ABC Company and the XYZ Company.


In the illustration above, note the arrow pointing to the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Hover your mouse pointer over the icon and note the label for Kanban appears. The label says ‘View As Kanban Board’. To change from the list view to the Kanban view simply click the icon! Zurmo will refresh the screen with the Kanban Board. On the Kanban Board.

kanban board

On the Kanban Board you will see our two Opportunities listed under the column titled Prospecting for the ABC Company and the XYZ Company. Other columns progressing from left to right include Qualification, Negotiation, Verbal, Closed Won, and Closed Lost. Note that the left to right progression, from Prospecting to either Closed Won or Closed Lost, intentionally follows a normal sales progression and allows anyone with access to the Opportunities to see the status of any Opportunity.

To reflect an opportunity that has progressed from the Prospecting stage to the Qualification stage, simply drag the Opportunity from the Prospecting stage column to the Qualification stage column to indicate progress with this opportunity. In the illustration below, you will see that the ABC Company has progressed on the Kanban Board from the Prospecting stage to the Qualification stage simply with a drag and drop from column to column.

kanban progression

Also note that the XYZ Company remains in the Prospecting column but automatically shifted up to the top of the list. Now you can see the power and ease with which Opportunities can be manipulated on the Kanban Board in Zurmo!

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