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One of the great features of Zurmo is that Tasks can be created to set a due date, document and track your progress, or set a follow up item. Once a task is created, Zurmo makes it easy to locate and update your pending tasks.

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the Home button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard. Once you are on the Dashboard, locate the Portlet titled My Open Tasks. (Note, if you do not see the Portlet on your Dashboard, see the separate post regarding adding a Portlet to your Dashboard). Once you locate the My Open Tasks Portlet, find the task in the list you would like to update. Position your mouse pointer to the far right of the item you would like to update and you will see a ‘pencil’ icon appear.

edit task

Click on the ‘pencil’ icon and Zurmo will open a new window titled Edit Task for use in updating the task. Notice in the illustration below the option to view ‘More Details’.

edit task window

Click on the More Details option to reveal additional options for updating the Task including Status, Requested By User, Owner, Due On and much more.

Edit task details

For our purposes, let’s assume the task is now completed and the Status needs to be updated to Completed. Zurmo makes this easy. Simply place your mouse pointer in the field for Status and click to open a drop down with options for New, In Progress, Awaiting Acceptance, Rejected, and Completed. Select Completed and note the Status changes to Completed in the Status field.

edit task completed

The final step in updating the task status to completed is to scroll down in the Edit Task window and locate the Save button.


Click on the Save button to update the task to Completed. Close the open Edit Task window and refresh your instance of Zurmo to see that the completed task has disappeared from your My Open Tasks Portlet list. Use the same process to edit other fields in a task as necessary.

Congratulations, you’ve updated a Task in Zurmo!

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