Zurmo – The Power of the Stars

For the purposes of this post we will assume there are multiple items listed under the Opportunities module on the Zurmo Dashboard.

From the Zurmo Dashboard, select Opportunities.

kanban opportunities

Once the Opportunities option is selected, Zurmo will refresh and present you with a list of the opportunities you have previously entered. For illustration purposes we only show two opportunities below; the ABC Company, and the ABC Subsidiary Company.

Note in the illustration below, each of these opportunities has a ‘Star’ next to it. You will see it just to the left of the company name.

Opportunity stars

Zurmo creates a Star with each opportunity so you can highlight the really important opportunities for ease of location, sorting, and that extra emphasis. Initially, the star will appear in an ‘unlit’ form. However, once you determine that this opportunity is really special, simply left click on the star to light it up in yellow!

Star lit

The star will stay lit in yellow until you click on it again to return it to its original unlit state. Take the time to light up all of your most important star opportunities. Once you finish lighting up all of your important star opportunities you can see how they stand out on the opportunities page from those unlit and less important opportunities!

One more star feature within Zurmo is the ability to narrow the list of your starred opportunities for extra focus. By locating the star in the title line of the opportunities list and clicking on it; you will rearrange the opportunities list so that ONLY the starred opportunities show on your opportunities list as in the illustration below. This can be useful in organizing and prioritizing your opportunities in Zurmo

Stars only

Now you have unlocked the Power of the Stars in Zurmo!

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