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  1. venki says:

    I didn’t find an options as “Settings” into my dropdown list.
    I downloaded zurmo for free from bitnami website as it offers with complete package i.e. it installs WAMP too…

    please advice me how to change logo in such case

    Thank you


  2. Joe S says:

    I have downloaded this and installed on my ubuntu test server. I have logged in as ‘Super’ but I do not have a settings menu from the gear dropdown.

    • When you log in to Zurmo the gear icon is located in the top right corner of the header. If you are not seeing this, it could be any number of issues relating to your specific environment set up. In recent versions of Zurmo the menu item name has been changed from ‘Settings’ to ‘Administration’.

      If you are still having trouble, Please try using your Arvixe hosting account. You can use the automatic software installer from the Arvixe control panel. Another option for you might be to compare your installation to the Zurmo demo site here: http://demo.zurmo.com/demos/stable/app/index.php/zurmo/default/login If you are still having issues, you might want to post a screenshot of your problem and ask for help on the Zurmo community forums, here is the link: http://zurmo.org/forums/

  3. Joe S says:

    Can do it this way – Administration > User Interface Configuration > Change Logo

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