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Creating a new Product in Zurmo and adding the new Product into the Product Catalog is simple and fast. Let’s see how it’s done!

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the Home button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard.

Home Dashboard

From the Dashboard, locate the Products option within the list of options just below the Home option.


Click on the Products option and Zurmo will refresh the screen with the Product screen which also contains the opportunity to create a new Product.

On the Products screen, locate the Create Product option in the center of the screen and click on Create Product.

create product

Once the Create Product option is chosen, Zurmo will refresh the screen with a new screen designed to contain all of the relevant product data such as the Catalog the product is affiliated with, the Product Name, Quantity and more.

create product detail

First, select the appropriate Catalog to use in affiliating the product with a specific Catalog. In an earlier post, we established a Catalog called Test Catalog. For this post, we will be adding ‘Test A’ to the Test Catalog. To accomplish this, click on the ‘+’ symbol in the Catalog field. This will present you with a list of the Catalogs available to add the Test A” product to as a new product.

display catalog

In the illustration below, Test Catalog is found in the Catalog search process.  To select Test Catalog as the Catalog associated with the Test A product, simply hover your mouse over the catalog name and click on the name.

catalog search

By clicking on the catalog name, the Catalog field on the Product screen is completed to reflect Test Catalog as the proper catalog with which to affiliate the Test A product.

Test catalog

Continue completing all fields possible. Note that certain field names such as Name, Quantity, Type, and Price Frequency for example are marked with a red asterisk (*) which denotes a required data field.

red asterisk

Once you have completed entering data in all of the required and other Product fields, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.


After selecting Save, Zurmo will refresh the screen to reveal a summary of the product data you have just entered.

Test A

Now you have a new Product affiliated with a catalog. You can create as many Products as you have to offer and affiliate them with your various Product Catalogs to organize your products into logical catalog groupings!

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