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You’ve come across a new business Project and want to document the details in Zurmo so you can record all of the information and progress on the new Project. Zurmo makes it very easy to navigate establishing a new Project. Let’s get started!

The first step is to make sure you are on your Zurmo Dashboard. By selecting the Home button you will be situated on your Zurmo Dashboard.

Home Dashboard

Once on the Zurmo Dashboard, you notice the panel with the Home button also contains several other options such as Inbox, Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Marketing, Reports, and Projects.

Select the Projects button on the Dashboard navigate to the Project section of Zurmo.


Once the Projects selection is made, Zurmo will refresh the screen to present you with a new Project Screen with options to create new projects. Click on the down arrow in the Projects selection and Zurmo will present an option to ‘Create Project’.

create project

Once the Create Project option is selected, Zurmo will refresh the screen with a new screen used to input details about the Project.

project detail

As you can see in the illustration above, we have begun to add project details to the Test Project. One feature in Zurmo’s Project screen is a search feature you can use to input data into the Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities fields. To associate a project to a specific Account, Contact, and or Opportunity place your cursor in the field and type the first letter of the Account. For our purposes we used the letter ‘t’ to find Test Account in the search. The search is automatic and starts with the input of the first letter. Once Zurmo finds all of the accounts that start with ‘t’, you will be presented with a drop down box to choose the Account you want to use for this project. For this post, Test Account was selected.

project test account

Continue to complete all of the fields with the required Project information. Note that certain field names such as Name for example are marked with a red asterisk (*) which denotes a required data field.

Once you have completed entering data in all of the required and other Project fields, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Save.


Once you select Save, your Project will be saved and added to your Project List. To see a list of your active Projects, click on the Projects option on the Zurmo Dashboard just as we did above when we started a new Project.


When the screen refreshes you will notice your new Project has been added to the Active Projects list along with an Activity Feed regarding your project to the right of the Active Projects status box.

project dashboard

As your project progresses and activities occur, you will see continued updates to the Activity Feeds and Completion Percentage for tasks assigned to the project. Congratulations, you have just established a new Project in Zurmo!

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