Zurmo – Configuring & Customizing Your Dashboard – Removing a Portlet

Your Dashboard in Zurmo is just that! It’s yours! It is customizable to your needs and the customizations are easy to accomplish.

First, make sure you are on your Dashboard page by selecting the Dashboard option.

Home Dashboard

Then, determine the Portlet you want to remove. In this case I am selecting the “My Missions” Portlet to remove. This assumes of course that “My Missions was already a part of your Dashboard.

My Missions

Once you have identified the Portlet you would like to remove, hover your mouse cursor over the gear icon.


The “Remove Portlet” option will present itself in a green highlighted box just under the gear icon. When the “Remove Portlet” appears, carefully navigate your mouse cursor over the “Remove Portlet” option and left click.

Remove My Missions

Once you click the “Remove Portlet” box, you will be prompted by Zurmo to confirm or cancel your request.

Removed Yes No

Select “OK” to confirm removal the Portlet or “Cancel” to cancel the request. Selecting “OK” will remove the Portlet instantly and easily!

Come back for more on Configuring & Customizing Your Zurmo Dashboard!

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