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A very nice feature included in Zurmo is the advanced search functionality. This feature is available to all modules and can be accessed by clicking the “Advanced” drop down menu. In this example, I’m searching in the “Leads” module.


Then click on the “Advanced” dropdown menu and “Add Criteria”


Once “Advanced” is clicked, a new option appears “Add Criteria”.  This is where the power of the search feature becomes clear. The list of available fields that appear are based on the module you’re accessing and allows you to search on ANY of the fields in your module regardless if the column headings are appearing and configured for your module.

In this example below, I’m looking for all contacts that are located in California but as you notice, “State” is not configured as a column heading in the default search list. So instead of having to reconfigure the search column list every time you’re trying to search by a new field, just select the field you’re searching by in the dropdown menu, I’m selecting “Any State”.


Once you click “Search”, only leads that are located in California will now appear in your search results. You can repeat these same steps to add multiple search criteria as well. In addition, you can also save your search criteria if you will be using it in the future by just selecting “Save search” as shown below. I hope you found this article helpful!


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