Xenforo Setup

Hello everyone and once again welcome to my tutorial!

Today we are going to talk about an awesome forum software called Xenforo!

I am going to assume you already have it installed. We are going to go over some basic things that you need to know in order to get your board up and running.

So let’s go ahead and log into our Admin panel.

You can find the admin login in the upper right hand corner of your board like so:


You will then be asked to log in:


Once you log in you will be taken to the following screen:


So let’s get through some basic customization that must take place in order to properly manage our board. Let’s go ahead and navigate our way to options so on the left side of your control panel you will see a options link go ahead and click it. It looks like the following:


There are quite a few options once you click the options link the screen looks like the following and we will manage each one as we go through them.


So let’s go through these. I won’t be posting screen shots however as this would take up a lot space.

  1. Board Active: This allows you to turn off or on your board and add a message if it off.
  2. Basic Board information: This allows you to customize your board. You can change board name, Meta description, board url, timezone, privacy policy link, and Terms of Service link location.
  3. Performance is next: This allows you to turn off or on Cache, News Feed, Mini RSS feed, Notice feed, Disable or enable BB code.
  4. Appearance: Exactly what it says it allows you to select between different appearances.
  5. Email Options: This allows you to customize the email address you use, set up SMTP, and Default Sender name.
  6. Censoring: Exactly what it says it allows you to censor specific words.
  7. Statistics and Metrics: This allows you to add your Google analytics webmaster ID number here.
  8. Search Engine Optimization: This allows you to enable Google + and twitter as well as enabling SEO friendly links.
  9. User Registration: This allows you to set up reCaptcha, Question and Answer, How old a person must me in order to join and set spam moderation.
  10. User Options: This will allow you to enable member list, set’s online status timeout, Login limit option to prevent brute force attacks.
  11. User Discouragement and Discipline: pretty much speaks for itself or as the title says “The ‘Discourager’ is a system that aims to make the browsing experience of ‘discouraged’ users as frustrating as possible, with the goal of having them give up and leave.
  12. Facebook Integration: Does exactly what it says. It allows you to link Facebook login to your site.
  13. Twitter Integration: Also does exactly what it says and allows you to integrate twitter into your site.
  14. Google Integration: Also does what it says. Allows you to use different Google features on your site.
  15. Node and Forum List: Node is Xenforo’s term for forum sections. This page allows you to order it.
  16. Threads, Conversations and Discussions: This allows you to show how many threads to show per page.
  17. Messages: This allows you to customize draft saving in messages, message character count, how many messages per page.
  18. Attachments: This allows you to customize how big attachments are, what kinds are allowed.
  19. Search Options: Allows you to turn on search, and how many results to display per page.
  20. Spam Management: This allows you to control how to deal with spam, and what to do when the system encounters it.
  21. Logging Options: This allows you to customize how long moderator logs are kept.
  22. News Feed: This allows you to turn on or off the News Feed for your forum.
  23. External Service Providers: This is different options that Xenforo uses for certain services for example what’ my ip?
  24. Xenforo Resource Manager: This allows you to customize the Resource Manager add-on that comes with Xenforo.
  25. Admin Control Panel: This allows you to customize what shows on the admin panel.

That’s it for now! I hope this very basic tutorial helps to get some of the confusion out of the way!

If you have any questions as always please feel free to ask away below!

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