Writing your First Post using BlogEngine

In order to write a new blog post using BlogEngine, you should follow the steps given below

  1. Login to BlogEngine dashboard
  2. Select Posts option from the top toolbar
  3. You will view a new dashboard with the title Posts
  4. Select Write new post option from the upper right hand side
  5. The Add/edit post dashboard will be displayed on the screen
  6. Provide a title for your post
  7. Provide the required content. Optionally, you also have the capability to upload files, videos and images.
  8. The slug option enables you to provide permalinks. You can either let BlogEngine to add slug or you can add your own depending upon your requirements.
  9. You can also provide a short excerpt in 2 or 3 sentences.
  10. If you do not want to add comments to a blog post, you can uncheck Enable comments option.
  11. From the right hand side panel, you can select author name followed by the publishing date.
  12. By default, the publishing data is automatic. This means the post will be visible immediately upon clicking Save Post button
  13. You can also schedule the blog post by supplying the appropriate date and time.
  14. You should also select category(s). It is also possible to add a new category during the draft stage
  15. The tags are used to identify the posts. Provide one or more tags relevant to the content inside the Tags button.
  16. Finally, click Save Post button to publish the post.

If you scroll the Add/edit post page down, you will be able to see an option titled – Publish. By default, this option is checked and hence your post will be visible immediately after clicking Save Post button. If you do not want the post to be published soon then uncheck the option and the post will saved as draft.

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2 Comments on Writing your First Post using BlogEngine

  1. Siju Thomas says:

    I couldn’t find the scheduling which you mentioned actually working with BlogEngine.Net. I have set the date and time in the setting and visited the post after the time. It was still on the ‘unpublished’ state.

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