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So you started a blog and you’re ready to write. This is the first brick wall most new bloggers face. How do I write? How should my posts look? These are some of the most popular questions I get asked when doing blog consulting.

Writing blog posts is the most important part of blogging. By creating useful and effective content, you are establishing yourself for success. Here are a few basics to consider when you start writing blog posts.

1. Use Attractive Titles

Much like a book cover, a blog post title is the first thing readers see. A boring and generic title can make readers skim right past your post looking for something else. Put an attractive and engaging title on that same post and you have yourself a hit.

Take a look at these two titles and ask yourself which one you would rather read:
◦How To Get Traffic To Your Blog
◦7 Surefire Ways To Blow Up Your Blog Traffic

I would personally choose the second title any day. Not only does it sound like something I want to read, but it lists exactly how many ways I can expect to learn about it. Which leads me to the next point.

2. Use Proper Formatting

Formatting is a great way to make your posts look better and stick out. A good example of an easy to use format is a list. This allows you to make bullet points are subtitles that are easy to follow.

I also encourage the use of H2 or H3 tags as a way of breaking up your text. Blog posts can become very boring if they are all in the same size font and do not have many line breaks. I personally like to break up a post into a few sections, using an H3 title tag for each section.

3. Use Good Grammar And Spelling

This is a no-brainer that is often overlooked. I will admit, I used to have a big problem with grammar (I still do sometimes). I would constantly use the wrong form of their (there, they’re) in my posts and it would annoy some of my readers.

Besides using good grammar, you also want to make sure you use correct spelling. There is no quicker way to lose a reader than to continuously misspell words. Most blogging platforms such as WordPress offer a built in spell checker. The key, is to remember to use it each time you post.

So practice writing and make sure to go back and read over your posts before letting them go live. If you have someone that can read them and edit them for you, even better. Sometimes we miss the simple things that other readers will notice right away.

4. Ask Questions

And last but not least, ask questions. If you finish a blog post with a question, it will get your readers more involved. This will encourage them to leave some comments, which will spark a conversation amongst your readers.

Start Writing

Now that you have the four basics to writing better blog posts, it’s time to start writing. As you start writing, you will start to get better and better as you gain more experience.

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