Working with Spam Protection using BlogEngine.NET

Every blogging tool provides a mechanism to protect your blog/site against spammers, who post unsolicited comments. By default, BlogEngine provides protection in the form of a math query which appears while composing comments. However, the administrator dashboard provides advanced tools to further protect your blog from spammers.

In order to protect your site against spams, you should follow the steps described below:

(1) Login to BlogEngine dashboard

(2) Select Settings option from the top navigation bar

(3) Select Spam protection from the panel located on the right side

(4) You will be able to view a page with the caption – Rules

(5) You can set white and black list rules.

(6) You can white list those users who has posted x number of comments and they have been approved by administrator. It is also possible to disable this option by setting the value to “0”. The comments posted by whitelisted users will be automatically visible without requiring moderation.

(7) Similarly, users can be blacklisted when x number of comments posted by users are rejected by the site administrator. Moreover, users can be blocked upon deletion of comments with the option to add IP address to the black list.

(8) BlogEngine provides an ability to filter elements with which you can allow, delete or block items. For instance, you can block an IP address or block users based on their email id.

(9) With the help of BlogEngine, you can configure anti-spam services such as Akismet, which is a popular spam tool widely used by bloggers who make use of WordPress.

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