Working with Leech Protect using cPanel

With the help of Leech Protect option, you will be able to protect your user accounts from unauthorized access. As soon as the cPanel detects that an account has been compromised then it will automatically redirect either to a URL or suspend the account depending upon the settings.

(1) Scroll down cPanel, locate Security navigation tab and select Leech Protect option. You will view Leech Protect Directory Selection dialog.

(2) Select a domain name for which you want protection

(3) Select a folder for which you want leech protection. You will view a page with the caption – Leech Protect

By default, Leech Protect is disabled. You can activate it by selecting Enable button located under the page


You can setup leech protection by providing the number of logins per username allowed in a time span of 2 hours.


You can also set the URL outside of the leech-protected area to which the users should be redirected in case of any compromise attempt.

As a webmaster, you can also receive email messages when a user is redirected to the page specified. It is also possible to disable those user accounts which triggers leech attempt. You just need to reset password to reactivate suspended accounts.


You can easily disable leech protect by selecting Disable button located on the bottom of the page.

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