WordPress Security – Say Hello To Clef!

Arvixe is very happy to announce that we have recently formed a new partnership with Clef!

Clef is a smartphone app that lets users log in to any computer by presenting their phone. Clef recognizes the user by their phone instead of passwords that need to be remembered and typed. With the Clef plugin for WordPress, any site can make logging in safer and easier for their user.

Clef works simply by first downloading the app to your Android or Apple smartphone, and a plugin on your WordPress site. Once the plugin is installed, your login page will show a unique visual identifier called the Clef Wave. The Clef Wave can then be used to access your site from any computer. Open the Clef app and sync it with the wave to log in instantly. Clef logs you into all of your configured sites with single-sign-on. When you’re finished, logging out of the app will log you out and protect all of your sites at once. Clef completely eliminates the need for consumers to rely on the old, less secure password standard.

What Are The Benefits Of Clef?!
In the last year, several large-scale consumer sites have suffered security breaches affecting millions of customers. The WordPress Security Team says “The weakest link in the security of anything you do online is your password.” Clef makes logging in safer by completely replacing passwords with cryptography on the phone. Instead of 8-character passwords, Clef uses 2048-bit RSA key pairs to authenticate users.

Clef’s cryptography protects from several different kinds of attacks:

● Brute-force attacks — breaking a password takes days, a Clef key takes millions of years

● Bucket-brigade attacks — at a coffee shop on open wifi without SSL, Clef will still log you in securely

● Database breaches — your identity lives on your phone, not a server. No matter what happens to your server, your identity will be safe. Lose your phone? Clef is protected by a 4-digit PIN that will give you time to deactivate Clef.

WordPress sites are constantly being attacked by botnets and hackers. This makes it more important than ever that we protect our own sites, but the nature of botnets also makes it crucial that the entire community is better protected. Every site that falls makes the botnet stronger and the entire infrastructure weaker. But security doesn’t work when it gets in the way. Clef is the best tool for safer authentication because it makes logging in safer and easier.

Can I Get Clef Now?
Yes! Right now we are willing to do a manual install for you free of charge! We also have a tutorial here that will show you how to set it up step-by-step. Clef also has their own tutorial showing how to get started here.

* As the installation for this software will be done manually by our software installation team for free, there may be a delay of up to 24-48 hours depending on the amount of software installation requests in the queue. Please e-mail all installation requests to Scripts@arvixe.com.

* information provided by Clef

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