WordPress: Main Functions

The main functions of the WordPress tool are accessible from the upper part of the Admin page. They will help you to create and manage your blog website.

  • Dashboard

Here you can see the latest news from the WordPress developer’s site.

  • Write

This is the place where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the world by writing posts and pages or editing the existing ones.

  • Manage

This is actually where you can manage the content of your site. You can see lists of all your Posts, Pages, Categories and Comments, read and edit them. Here you can also edit your Templates and other files used in your blog.

  • Links

Here you can add links to your favorite web sites. They can be organized by category, have internal references about your relationship to their destinations, be automatically associated with images, and can even be rated on a scale from zero to nine.

  • Presentation

From that part of Administrator’s area you can manage the way your content will be shown to the visitors of your blog. Here you can change the themes and add new from the developer’s site.

  • Plugins

This is the place, where you can manage the existing plugins and add new ones from the developer’s site. Every plugin comes with the description about its functionality and instruction how to enable it.

  • Users

Here you can manage your user’s profiles or add new users to your blog. This way they also will be able to add content to your blog.

  • Options

This is the place where you can manage all the configuration settings for your blog. This section includes general, writing, reading, discussion, miscellaneous options and customization of permalink structure.

  • Import

Here you can import posts or comments from another system into your current blog.

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