WordPress: How to Disable Regular Passwords when using Clef

By default, after activation, Clef doesn’t disable the standard WordPress authentication method. This means that if someone knows your password, they will still be able to access your account. If you want to be sure that this won’t happen, you need to force the usage of Clef for the site users. There are few options to do that, all listed below.

The first option on your Clef settings page allows you to force Clef login for all users that have installed and synchronized their Clef mobile apps with your site. To do this, simply place a check on the Disable passwords for Clef users checkbox.

Clef provides you with another option to force Clef logins. Using the Disable passwords for all users with privileges greater than or equal to option, you can leave regular subscribers with the ability to login with normal username and password but force editors and users with more privileges for example to use Clef for extra security.

If you want to completely disable the regular login for your WordPress website and hide that option from the login screen, you can do this by placing a check on the Disable passwords for all users and hide the password login form option.

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