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Flick Photo Album For WordPress

The name says it all. The plugin, which can be found here allows you to create a photo gallery using your Flickr account. The best part of all, is that it uses the photos directly from Flickr. This makes it easy to integrate and also saves us some money on bandwidth.

Installing The Plugin

Installation is rather straight forward with this plugin. Simply upload it to the plugins folder found under WP-Content in your WordPress directory. Then activate the plugin and go to the settings tab within your WordPress admin panel. Click on the Photo Gallery button will take you to the settings page for the plugin.

Before you can use the plugin, you have to make sure to link your plugin to your Flickr account. Then, you simply have to decide what page you would like the photo gallery to appear on. As you can see on my personal blog, I decided to use the photos page.

Managing Photos

Once your account is configured and the plugin is setup, all of your collections and sets from Flickr will automatically show up under the settings page. The plugin allows you to hide albums if you wish to do so. This comes in real handy if you have a lot of albums and do not want to show them all in your gallery. You can also order the albums in which you want them to appear.

The Look

By default, the gallery looks pretty cool. The main page will show some of your recent albums along with thumbnails from older albums. Once a user clicks on an album, they are then taken to that albums page which has the thumbnails of all of the photos.

If you are looking to change the look and layout, it can be done. However, it does take some basic knowledge of HTML. The templates that are used for the plugin are all found in the templates folder included within the plugin. There are a lot of files so it does become a little confusing when first working with them

The Drawbacks

When it comes to this plugin, there are only a few small drawbacks that I do not like. The main one being the size of the pictures. By default, it uses the medium size picture found on Flickr. I wish there was a way to make the photo bigger but unfortunately Flickr only allows medium, large, and original. My pictures are way too big to use the large size so I have to settle with medium.

The only other problem I have had with this plugin is getting the sidebar to show. I originally wanted to include the sidebar in my photo gallery but I could not get it to work. I did the sidebar to display, but the formatting was all messed up.

Give It A Shot

If you’re looking to incorporate Flickr, I highly encourage you to give this plugin a shot. If you missed the link above, you can download the plugin here: Flick Photo Album For WordPress.

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