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When you activate the Clef plugin, you’ll see the helpful Setup Wizard, which will walk you through the 60 second install of Clef. If you already have downloaded Clef, click “I have the app,” otherwise, click “get the app.”

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If you clicked “get the app,” you’ll be taken to a screen when you can put your phone number in (if you already have the app, you can skip this section). Once you enter it and click “text link,” you’ll be sent a link to download Clef. Once you have it, just enter youre email in the app and you’re good to go.
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When you have the app, you’ll be presented with the Clef Wave (the same thing you use to log in to your site). Simply hold your phone up and sync the Wave on your phone with the Wave on the screen. This will start the pairing process between Clef and your site.
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Once you’ve paired, you just need to confirm that your site information is correct, then you’re ready to go!
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When you confirm that your site info is correct, you’re all set up — just click the logout button on your phone and try logging out with Clef for the first time! It’s awesome.
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