WordPress – 9 Great Reasons WordPress Maybe Your Choice!

Maybe you’ve heard that WordPress is a great tool to use as a CMS (Content Management System). Well, that’s right. Developed as a blogging tool, more and more users started to use WordPress as a Content Management System for their website. Today, WordPress is released as a publishing platform, which means it’s even better to use as a CMS. In this article, I want to explain why WordPress is such a good choice to use as a CMS.

1) User friendly CMS

With a little help of a couple plugins, WordPress is a very simple CMS to use. Editing content is not the point, that’s an easy step in all the available content management systems. But where WordPress really blinks out, is the way of adding new pages and to order them. Even for people who are not that IT minded, this is an easy task to accomplish.

2) Fast installation and configuration

As I already showed, WordPress is very easy to install and to configure. Arvixe has an easy to install System, or with a 1 click install. The point is that everyone can start a WordPress site.

3) A lot of theming options

There are thousands and thousands of themes available on the internet. Some of them are free, and some of them are commercial. But even the commercial themes are not that expensive. For a commercial theme, you pay between 50 and 100 dollar.

Another great choice is Artisteer. This programs costs less than 100 dollar and you can create your own themes with it. The themes created with Artisteer are a bit more “standard”, but with a little creativity you can produce nice things. Now and then, I also use Artisteer if I have to create a website with a basic design.

It’s also possible to let a designer create a lay out. There are a lot of companies on the web who are specialized in converting a PSD (the Photoshop file you get from your designer) into a WordPress theme. In this case you’re sure that your theme will be unique, but this option is also the most expensive option.

4) Easy to extend (plugins)

When you need extra functionality for your website, just search the plugin database and you’ll probably find where you are looking for. There are plugins for:

  • E-commerce
  • Google ads
  • Integrating social media
  • Securing your website

The beauty of this all is that most of this plugins are free, easy to install and simple to set up!

5) Good indexing in search engines

It is a fact that a site running on WordPress indexes very good in Google. This is because WordPress is developed as a tool to create (a lot of) content. And content is what search engines like.

6) Great tool to start with…

When you need to build a website for a company or an organization, and you don’t know enough about building dynamic websites, then WordPress might be the perfect tool for you to start with. Just install and configure it, add the right plugins, install a theme, write your content and you’re done. Ok, this is a very simple description, but convince yourself and give it a try. By the way, you’ll find all the information you need on this blog!

7) … and to extend when you know more about it!

If you want something more than just a basic installation with a default theme, then it’s time to extend WordPress yourself. There is plenty of information on the internet about creating your own theme or your own plugin. If you have experience with PHP and MySQL, you’ll see that WordPress is not that difficult to change the way you want it.

So WordPress isn’t only there for the beginners among us. Also experienced users will have a lot of fun with WordPress!

8) A large community

The WordPress platform is used worldwide by thousands and thousands of sites and blogs. There are several resources where you can find information about WordPress: there are dozens of forums where you can ask questions and there are a lot of blogs and websites where you can find tutorials and tips for free. This large community results in a lot of information about WordPress, what makes it very easy to learn it or to find solutions.

9) It’s free!

I didn’t mentioned it in this post yet, but WordPress is open source and free to use. So you don’t have to pay for any license costs!

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