Windows 8 Configure Hyper-V

How To Configure Hyper-V Virtual Machine Startup Behavior on Windows 8

By default, Hyper-V tries to figure out which Virtual Machines were powered on at the time that your PC had its power cut. It uses this list to automatically turn Virtual Machines back on when your PC powers on. Here is how to change what gets switched back on.

How To Configure Hyper-V Virtual Machine Startup Behavior

Unfortunately, Virtual Machine startup behavior is configured at the Virtual Machine level and therefore needs to be set for each Virtual Machine separately. So go ahead and right click on the first virtual machine and choose to open its settings from the context menu.

You will then need to scroll down until you can select the Automatic Start Action section.

On the right hand side, you will there are three settings that you can choose from:

  • Nothing: This will leave the virtual machine off regardless of what the state of it was before your PC powered down.
  • Automatically start if it was running when the service was stopped: This is just a fancy way of saying if the virtual machine was running when your PC was powered off, switch it on when your PC comes back online. If it was off, leave it off. This is the default setting for all virtual machines.
  • Always start this virtual machine automatically: This setting doesn’t care if the virtual machine was running or not at the time your PC went offline. Either way, when your machine comes back online, the virtual machine will be powered on.

In addition to these three settings, you can also set a delay for each virtual machine so that they don’t fight for resources when your PC boots back up.

I went and changed all my Virtual Machines to nothing, as most of the time I don’t want them starting up and slowing down my PC.

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