Why You Should Upgrade to Elgg 1.8

Elgg 1.8 is out and if you have an Elgg site with version 1.7 we strongly recommend you to upgrade to keep our servers safe.

Last Elgg release (1.8.5) added more security features to keep your Elgg network safe from XSS attacks and also fixed a loophole that allowed users to register without validation which could be used by spammers to spam your site and waste our server resources.

Aside from that, Elgg 1.8 comes with new features which are:
• New group activity widget for user dashboard.

This widget show you a river of new of all your groups the newest, the latest discussions and the popular, the most easy way to administrate yours groups and the groups you own.

• Added more sprites
New sprites icons for a brand new look on yours site.
• Added class Elgg-autofocus to add focus on inputs.
For a more faster and easy digitized focus on yours inputs when the page loads

• Admins can edit user avatars again.

This is a function that allows change and edits the avatar for any reason on your users.

• Added a filter for non-bundled plugins in plugin admin.

Easy way to find your plugins

• Improvements to admin area theme.
A new look for the admin site more easy way to administer all the components of your site.

Now that we have the majority of plugins that were for 1.7 available for Elgg 1.8, there is no good reason to stay on that version. Plugin and theme developers are moving forward and dropping support for their 1.7 plugins to stay in Elgg 1.8

If you want to upgrade and don’t know how to do it, just browse through our Elgg blog and you will find guides that will help you do the upgrade.

This now concludes why you should upgrade to Elgg 1.8?

For more info about Elgg hosting solutions, visit Arvixe Elgg Hosting.

Happy Hosting!

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