Why is Investing in Long-Tail SEO a Real Investment?

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Simply because its benefits are immediate, cost-effective and scalable. The time of SEOs and agencies that position keywords of 1 and 2 words is over. Not just because of the enormous competition for these keywords, but due to the time and cost required to position them. Not just due to the cost, but due to the returns.

Because the client doesn’t just need visitors and new traffic every day. They also need conversions, sales, profitability. A website can be a profitable business if it allows us to reach out to the public that is out there, looking for something on the Internet.

Long-tail SEO Benefits

Positioning costs are significantly reduced because there is less competition in long-tail SEO. Words quickly gain prominent positions, having a direct impact on profitability.

• Lower investment

• Reduced competition

• New content and permanent updating

• More conversions and sales

• Increased profitability

Long-tail user is a 100% potential client

Long-tail SEO reaches more users who know what they are looking for and what they want, that use more than 3 and up to 7 keywords in their searches.

For these users, the Internet is commonplace. They use it to check things, find information, find out the latest news, shop, sell and communicate.

More and more people with several years of web experience have become more accurate or sophisticated at searching. What’s more, their interest in what they are searching for has become more pronounced. They are real potential customers: Long-tail users.

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2 Comments on Why is Investing in Long-Tail SEO a Real Investment?

  1. Richi Glez says:


    Your article is very nice, but I think you are missing some essential information, starting with: “What is long-tail SEO?”..


  2. Hi I consider myself a novice when it comes to SEO, but i have always used long tailed words when it comes to seo, if anyone would care to check, I have 9 no1,s 4 on google, 7 no2,s a dozen or so no 5,6 and 7,s and ive lost count of how many in the top 100 I have. I remember READING SOMEWHERE IN A BOOK BY A DISGRUNTLED EX GOOGLE EMPLOYEE HOW IMPORTANT LONG TAILED WORDS ARE.
    Im now the proud owner of a 2 month old dating site with over 2 hundred a 70 plus new clients and im signing new people everyday, and by the way, ive not spent a penny on adveretising

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