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A good way to earn extra revenue is by upselling extra products and services during the order process. For example, for a domain you might upsell domain privacy protection, for a software you might upsell white label or for web hosting you might upsell fully managed services.

Whatever you want to upsell, a good automatic way to do this is via the “Product Addons” feature in WHMCS. Once you have a product, you can create an add-on by:

  1. Navigate to WHMCS -> Setup -> Product/Services -> Product Addons
  2. Click “Add New Addon
  3. Complete the form:
    Name: This is the name your clients will see during the order process, so if you was selling fully managed web hosting you could title this “Full Management”, for example.
    Description: This is also what your client will see during the order process, simply explain what this add-on does and the advantages of it
    Billing Cycle: Select if this product is free, onetime payment or a recurring payment. If it is a recurring PayPal you will have to specify the exact payment term (For example: Monthly)
    Pricing: This is the pricing for the add-on, it will add this fee on top of the base package should the client select it. You should see a box for each add-on.
    Tax Addon: Choose whether or not you want to add additional tax to the pricing set above
    Show on Order Form: Tick this box if you want to show the add-on during the initial order process. If not, the add-on will appear in the client area if the client selects “Order Addons”
    Suspend Parent Product: If this is ticked the base package will be suspended if the invoice for this add-on isn’t fully paid for
    Applicable Products: Select all the products this add-on should apply to
    Click “Save Changes
  4. You should now have a fully configured and good to go add-on ready for your clients to purchase on all the products you have specified above.

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