[WHMCS] Replace Google for Stripe

Google Checkout is closing down in a few months leaving many web hosts stranded, with Google Wallet not supporting web hosting providers it is time to look for another card processor. My personal recommendation is Stripe, they provide a friendly, personal and smooth card processing service.

Step 1: Enabling the Stripe Payment Gateway

  1. Register for a free Stripe.com account (https://manage.stripe.com/register)
  2. Once logged in go to Your account -> Account Settings -> API Keys -> Copy your test keys and live keys into a notepad
  3. Order this free Stripe WHMCS module (http://www.whmcs.com/members/communityaddons.php?action=dl&id=962) and download its contents
  4. Upload its contents to your WHMCS following the “ReadMe” file
  5. Navigate to your WHMCS admin area -> Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways
  6. Find “Stripe” in the drop down menu and enable it
    Show on Order Form: *Tick this*
    Display Name: Set this to anything you wish, keep it simple though such as: Credit / Debit Cards
    Secret Key: Paste in your “Test Secret Key” from step 2
    Publishable: Paste in your “Test Publishable Key” from step 2
    Currency: Set this to your default selling currency, Stripe supports USD, GBP or EUR
    Enable Multiple Currency Support: *Tick this*
  7. Click “Save Changes”

Step 2: Create a test order

Make sure you create a test order using your test keys (and ensuring your viewing “Test Mode” in your Stripe dashboard). Use the credit card details:

Credit Card Number: 4242424242424242
Security Code Number: 123

If everything seems to have worked fine then you can switch to live mode (Below), if not please contact Stripe support.

Step 3: Switch to live account

  1. In Stripe Dashboard in the top left corner switch from “Test” to “Live” mode (Note: You MUST have verified your Stripe account first)
  2. Login your WHMCS and navigate to: Setup -> Payments -> Payment Gateways
  3. Replace your “Test Secret Key” with your “Live Secret Key” from step 1.2
  4. Replace your “Test Publishable Key” with your “Live Publishable Key” from step 1.2
  5. Click “Save Changes”

Step 4: Disable Google Checkout

  1. Navigate to: WHMCS -> Payments -> Payment Gateways
  2. Find Google Checkout from the enabled gateways section and click “Deactivate”
  3. From the popup menu that arrives select “Stripe” – This tells WHMCS that Stripe will be the new gateway for all existing Google Checkout users.

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