[WHMCS] Removing Unessential Links

It doesn’t look good when you offer lots of pages for your clients to visit in the client area when you only utilize half of them. To remove unrequited links:

  1. Login your cPanel control panel
  2. Click the “File Manager” icon
  3. Navigate to your WHMCS Directory -> Templates -> *Select the template you use* -> header.tpl
  4. Use the Ctrl + F feature to find which link you would like to remove with no spaces, for example if you wanted to remove the “Network Status” link then search for “networkstatus” and you should see something similar to:
    <li><a href=”serverstatus.php”>{$LANG.networkstatustitle}</a></li>
  5. Delete these lines and click save and the link will be removed

Remember to create a backup before doing anything in case you make a mistake when editing your client area.

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