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Sometimes offering fixed price packages is not possible, for example when doing web design with each project being unique from the next offering fixed prices can be very hard. Luckily with WHMCS you can use the Quotes feature to offer quotes on a per request basis easily turning those quotes into invoices.

To achieve this simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to: Billing -> Quotes -> Create New Quote
  2. Fill in the form accordingly:
    Subject: This is what will be emailed to your clients so choose this carefully.
    -Select Quote for existing client if the client already has an account within your client area otherwise select Quote for new client
  3. -Fill in all the quote details such as the quantity, description, price and discount (if any). If you would like to add multiple lines to a quote simply hit Save Changes
  4. Proposed Text: This text will be shown to your clients before the quote table
  5. Customer Notes: This text will be shown to your clients after the quote table
  6. Admin Notes: Optionally fill this if you want to note anything regarding this quote
  7. Click Save Changes

Once the quote is ready to be sent click Email as PDF and the status will automatically change to Delivered. Your client can now choose to accept or decline the quote in the client area by visiting My Quotes.

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