[WHMCS] Manually Create Domain Order

Let’s say you have a domain name that has been registered and needs to be assigned to one of your clients. Whilst this is possible and rather easy, it may not seem obvious at first so this guide should help you through that.

Note: This guide assumes you have already have your domain registrar plugins configured. If not, you can do so by navigating to: Setup -> Product/Services -> Domain Registrars.

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to: Clients -> View/Search Clients -> *Client to assign the domain*
  2. Under the Summary tab click Add New Order
  3. Click Create Custom Promo and create a 100% non-recurring discount (you won’t be charged and this ensures your clients are not charged)
  4. Deselect Order Confirmation, Generate Invoice and Send Email
  5. Under Domain Registration click Transfer and fill in all the relevant fields
  6. Click Submit Order
  7. Ignore the next page! Don’t run any module as if it runs, you will be charged.
  8. Find the domain name in your WHMCS install and change the relevant information such as due dates and select the correct module.
  9. Save the changes and you’re all done.

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