[WHMCS] Fraud Prevention

Every year fraud is costing businesses millions of dollars and it is only growing. Web hosting in particular attracts a good number of fraudulent orders so it is good to best protect yourselves. In WHMCS you can use MaxMind Mini Fraud to capture most fraudulent orders, best of all its 100% free for 1000 transactions per month if you signup clicking HERE.

  1. Register for MaxMind Mini Fraud using the above link, you should get your account confirmation email within 2 hours
  2. Once you have the confirmation login your MaxMind account and copy your license key into notepad
  3. Now login your WHMCS admin area and navigate to: Setup -> Fraud Protection
  4. Find MaxMind in the drop down menu and click “Go”, complete the form:
    Enable: *Tick this*
    MaxMind License Key: Paste the license key copied in step 2
    Reject free email service: Ticking this box will reject all emails from Gmail, Hotmail, outlook, yahoo among the millions of other free email services. I wouldn’t personally recommend it.
    Reject Country Mismatch: This will block orders where order address is different from IP Location
    Reject Anonymous Proxy: This will block orders where the user is ordering through a Proxy. I strongly recommend ticking this one
    Reject High Risk Country: This will block orders from high risk countries. I recommend it
    MaxMind Fraud Risk Score: You should set this to something like 70. All orders above this will be blocked. Set the minimum risk score low to something such as 5 and anything in between should be manually reviewed
  5. Click “Save Changes” and you should be good to go, protected

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