[WHMCS] Email Marketer

It might be useful to use the email marketer to provide a more personal approach to your company by automating emails every now and again (For example: a feedback email once the client has been registered for 2 weeks etc…).

Step 1: Creating an email template (The email that will be sent out to your clients)

  1. Navigate to: Setup -> Email Templates
  2. In the field “Create New Email Template” select “General” for type and insert a unique name for you to reference to easily
  3. Here you can use the form to insert the message you would like to be sent out to your clients automatically

Step 2: Setting up the automated email

  1. Navigate to your admin area -> Utilities -> Email Marketer
  2. Here you will see a list of all your current email marketing that you have created, to create a new one click the “Create New” link located above the table
  3. Fill in the form below to create a new automated email:
    Name – This is for admins to reference only
    Type – Depending on the email you want to be sent out you can select “Client Related” or “Product/Service Related” (For this article we’ll go through “Client Related”)
    Marketing Email – For feedback emails this can normally be left unchecked though you should check this for other emails otherwise it may be seen as spam (for those clients who have opted out to receive marketing emails)Days Since Registration – To automate this email based on registration set the number of days in this field, this is useful to create an automated feedback type email after x days of signing up
    Minimum / Maximum Number of Active Product / Services – If you wish for this email to be dispatched to those only with a minimum or maximum number of product / Services set this in these fields
    Email Template – Set the email template to be dispatched as in Step 1
  4. Click “Save Changes” and you’re done!

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