[WHMCS] Custom Affiliate Commission

All affiliates like a good commission structure. A method of keeping your best affiliates happy is by offering them a higher commission for each sale they generate! In WHMCS, this is possible, however somewhat hidden. To achieve this:

1) Login your Admin Control Panel and navigate to Clients -> View/Search Clients
2) Find the client you would like to change the affiliate commission for and open his / her profile
3) Click on the View Affiliate Details link under Other Actions (Note: If the client is not currently an active affiliate this link will appear as Activate Affiliate)
4) On this page you can set the custom affiliate commission rates as well as all essential reports such as withdrawal history etc…

Commission Type: If you want the affiliate to receive a percentage of the sale amount then set this otherwise select fixed amount
Commission Amount: The amount you would like to reward the affiliate. If Commission Type is set to percentage and Commission Amount set to 100 this will reward the client 100% of the sale amount where as if Commission Type was fixed amount & commission amount was 100, this would reward the client 100$ for the sale.
Pay one time only: Select this if the commission is to be rewarded to the affiliate once. If you prefer recurrent commission (whenever the client renews their package), don’t select this option
Available to Withdraw Balance: This is the amount of commission that the affiliate is required to have obtained before they will be able to claim a withdrawal request

5) Once you have set all the details click the Save Settings button and this will save the custom affiliate commission for that affiliate. Repeat for any other affiliates you want to offer custom commission to.

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