[WHMCS] Client Groups

Client groups is a very useful WHMCS feature as it can be used for a variety of things such as making VIP clients, fully managed servers and so on stand out with a unique colour per group.

Step 1: Creating a client group

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area and navigate to: Setup -> Client Groups
  2. Under Add Client Group fill in the form for each group you would like to add:
    Group Name: Used for your reference primarily. For example, this can be: VIP clients, node X, fully managed service etc
    Group Colour: Pick a unique colour per group. The colour will be used to highlight clients in the group such as in the ticket list, client list etc
    Group Discount: If you want clients in this group to have a discount add the value here. Discounts will be applied to all future invoices once set per group.
    Except from suspend & terminate: This does not apply to fixed term or free trial products.
  3. Click Save Changes

Step 2: Assigning client to a group

  1. Whilst still logged into your admin area navigate to: Clients -> View/Search Clients
  2. Find your desired client and click the Edit icon
  3. Click on the Profile tab to view the clients profile page
  4. Locate the field Client Group and select your desired group for this client
  5. Scroll down and click Save Changes and this client should successfully be added to your desired group.

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