[WHMCS] Charge Per Operator

Sometimes (especially in the gaming industry) you need to charge per operator instead of per package. In WHMCS this can be achieved using the “Configurable Options” section in the WHMCS admin area. An example usage of this is if you sell game servers via WHMCS and charge per “seat”, or a voice server again charging per “seat”.

Step 1: Create a package

First you need to create a package as normal (Setup -> Product/Services -> Product/Services) under the “Pricing” tab ensure you have everything set to 0.00 however you MUST select “Recurring” as the Payment Type.

Step 2: Creating a configurable option

  1. Navigate to: WHMCS Admin area -> Setup -> Product/Services -> Configurable Options
  2. Click “Create A New Group” giving it a name, description and select the products these configurable options apply to
  3. Open up the new group you just created and click “Add New Configurable Option”
  4. In the “Option Name” select what this option is called (Example: Seats / Operators) and select the “Quantity” in the drop down menu
  5. In “Options” again enter “Seats” or “Operators” and then select the pricing you wish to charge per operator and save the changes
  6. Navigate to WHMCS -> Setup -> Product/Services -> Product/Services -> *Select your product* -> Click the “Configurable Options” tab -> Select your newly created configurable option and click “Save Changes”

You should now be all set on charging per operator!

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