[WHMCS] Banning Free Email Domains

A lot of spammers use free email services to signup to services so sometimes it is good to ban these (Though probably not a good idea to ban the more popular ones such as Gmail).

To ban a free email domain service go to:

  1. Login your admin area
  2. Navigate to: Setup -> Other -> Banned Emails
  3. Click the “Add” tab located at the top of the table of banned domain names
  4. In the single field enter the domain name you would like to filter out, if you wanted to block out Gmail simply enter gmail.com
  5. Once you have inserted your banned email click “Add Banned Email”

You will have to ban each domain one by one, using Google you can find a long list of known email services where a lot of users are spam users.

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2 Comments on [WHMCS] Banning Free Email Domains

  1. Miguel Therriault says:

    Nice feature, but require a batch procedure.

    Here (http://www.stopforumspam.com/downloads/spamdomains.zip) a list of spam domains. The list contain more than 200 000 entries…

    Good luck for repeat step #3-#5. 😉

    “We are the spam. Resistance is futile”

    • Alex Ali says:

      You have a good point (Would be nice if WHMCS supported adding multiple domain names at once, or the ability to import it). It might be possible to do this in one batch via PhpMyAdmin, I’ll take a look into that shortly :).

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