[WHMCS] Automating Database Backups

WHMCS as your billing system is essentially the life line of your business, it automates your invoicing, support, customers among many other things. What would happen if you was to lose that either via hardware failure, hacking etc…? This article will guide you on how to automate the backup process.

  1. Login your WHMCS admin area and navigate to Setup -> Other -> Database Backups
  2. Choose how you want backups to be sent, created via FTP (a file dump containing all of your WHMCS content stored on the server) otherwise choose email which will send that file directly to your email
  3. If choosing email simply insert your email address in the email field and click “Save”
  4. If you prefer FTP backup method then:
    FTP HostName: This is usually the full name of your server, if unsure ask your web host
    FTP Port: 99% of this time this would be 21 though if your host has a custom configuration then you should obtain the port from them
    FTP Username & Password: This is the username & password for your FTP account which you can create in cPanel
    FTP Destination: Leave this blank
  5. Click save settings & you are done – You will now receive daily database dumps of your WHMCS install to the method you set up.

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