[WHMCS] Automated Package Upgrades

Occasionally you may find your clients outgrow their current hosting package and would need to upgrade. As always, there is a solution within WHMCS to automate the entire upgrade process so you don’t need to do anything!

Step 1: Create your packages

As normal, create all of your packages in Setup -> Product/Services -> Product/Services

Step 2: Create an email template (optional)

If you want to dispatch a specific email then you need to create a new email template. You can do this at Setup -> Email Templates

Step 3: Setting up the automated upgrades

  1. Navigate to Setup -> Product/Services -> Product/Services -> *Select your product*
  2. Go to the “Upgrades” tab
    Package Upgrades: From here select all the packages you want to be upgrade-able / downgrade-able to. Use Ctrl + *Click* to select multiple products
    Configurable Options: If you use configurable options then tick this if you want them to be upgrade-able / downgrade-able later on
    Charge Full Cycle: I personally recommend you don’t tick this, making your WHMCS refund the client from the remaining time left on the cycle and charging for the time between the upgrade date and the original renewal date, this makes the renewal date NOT change.
    Upgrade Email: Optionally set this to the email you created in step 2, otherwise leave this to “None” for no upgrade email
  3. Click “Save Changes”

Your clients should now be able to successfully and automatically upgrade and downgrade their package as they wish within the client area.

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