[WHMCS] Automate Currency Conversion

If you have a product and offer multiple currencies it can become a hassle to manually keep up to date with currency conversion rates and getting the new prices updated. In WHMCS you can automate this process using the automated currency conversion updater feature.

  1. Login your admin control panel of WHMCS
  2. Navigate to: Setup -> Payments -> Currencies
  3. Use the form at the bottom of this page to add a currency.
    Currency Code: This is the code of the currency such as GBP for pounds or USD for US dollars.
    Prefix: £, $ etc…
    Suffix: GBP, USD etc…
    Format: Leave this as it is
    Base Conv Rate: This is the conversion rate for today (The difference between your default currency, you can find this out at xe.com)
  4. Navigate to: Setup -> Automation Settings
  5. Scroll down to the section: “Currency Auto Update Settings
  6. Tick both boxes, Exchange Rates & Product Prices
  7. Scroll down & click “Save Changes”

The currency rates will now automatically update and your product prices will automatically reflect those changes.

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