[WHMCS] Auto Currency Update Failed

A huge advantage of doing business online is the ability to target customers on a global scale. To better accommodate those international clients it is always a good idea to offer multiple currencies and if possible have these currencies automatically update themselves.

Sadly ECB (The Company WHMCS uses to update the currencies automatically) has recently changed their system without notifying WHMCS leaving all automatic currency conversions in WHMCS temporarily broken until the next version.

To ensure your pricing remains accurate, this article will guide you on how to manually update your product pricing.

Step 1: Disable Automatic Currency Conversion

  1. Navigate to your WHMCS Admin Area and navigate to: Setup -> Automation Settings
  2. Scroll down until you find the category “Currency Auto Update Settings
  3. Uncheck the first box (“Tick this box to attempt to auto update exchange rates daily“)
  4. Scroll down and click “Save Changes

Step 2: Get Your Conversion Rates

  1. Navigate to: Xe.com
  2. On the homepage of Xe.com find the box “XE Currency Converter” (Should be the second box under the live Exchange Rates box)
  3. In the first box leave the value to “1”, in the second box enter your PRIMARY currency in WHMCS (In this case we will set that to USD), in the third box select another currency you have in WHMCS (In this demo case we will be using GBP)
  4. You should now have something like this: currencyupdate
  5. Click on the blue arrow to go ahead and get your currency conversion
  6. Once you have your currency conversion you should see the conversion rate under your primary currency (Boxed in Green below) – In our case GBP is currently at 0.624356  per 1 USD (So I would be copying the 0.624356 figure): currencyrate
  7. Repeat this to get the conversion rates for all the currencies you have in WHMCS

Step 3: Manually Update the Conversion Rate in WHMCS

  1. Log in your WHMCS admin area and navigate to: Setup -> Payments -> Currencies
  2. Click on a currency which you need to update the exchange rates for (All except for the default currency. The default currency is the currency with the base conversion rate of 1.00000
  3. Find the field “Base Conv. Rate” and update that figure with the figure you copied from Xe.com (In this example case that would be the GBP currency we’re editing and it will be updated to: 0.62436 as explained above)
  4. Tick the “Update Pricing” box and then click “Save Changes”
  5. Repeat this for all of your currencies in WHMCS

Personally, I would recommend you update your currency conversion rate manually once a day, every morning. Once the new version of WHMCS comes out you can return to the automatic currency conversion again by following this article.

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