[WHMCS] 5.3.7 Blank Email Bug

WHMCS is a very powerful software which can essentially autopilot your hosting company from invoice generation, support management, package creation, suspensions, terminations and so much more.

A key aspect of the software is notifications. Your clients get notifications for invoices, tickets, updates, affiliate reports, account details on creation etc. Your staff also gets a series of notifications if they have been enabled such as client details being changed or ticket updates.

Unfortunately, we have had numerous clients report blank emails are being sent out from WHMCS which can easily become an issue when your clients are opening blank emails. To fix this blank email bug follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your WHMCS admin area
  2. Navigate to: Setup -> General Settings -> Mail
  3. Find the drop down menu ‘Mail Encoding’, change this value to anything it is not currently (If it is 7bit change it to 8bit or vice versa)
  4. Scroll down and click ‘Save’
  5. Navigate back to the ‘Mail’ tab and change it’s value back to whichever it was (If it was originally 8bit and you changed it to 7bit change it back to 8bit or vice versa)
  6. Scroll down and click ‘Save’

This would save the encoding type and should resolve the mail bug. If not, feel free to reach out to our support team which operates 24 / 7.

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