What’s new on the Joomla Extension Directory?

The Joomla Extension Directory is the place where you can get extensions and plugins. Freelance developers as well as commercial ones release useful tools that enhance your Joomla networks. In 2014, it faced a much-needed overhaul of the design and layout. In this article I will give you an insight to the new look and features of the Joomla Extension Directory.

category jed joomla

New Category Section

The new JED features a brand new modern category section, where you can browse extensions by category. Find what you need faster since every category has a subcategory, specifically for your needs.

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New Layout

The extension page has a better layout, which includes a better description, a better comment management and best of all it requires developers to include documentation of the extension.

Besides that, it has a better rating system, where you can see the opinion of other users, and check if the extension works as expected.

blog jed joomla

JED Blog

Now, the Joomla Extension Directory has a Blog where you can read about the latest news about Joomla, Extensions and Features. You can also learn more about how to properly use the site and find what you need.

This concludes What’s new on the Joomla Extension Directory?

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