What’s New on the Elgg Plugins Directory

Elgg plugin directory is a section within elgg.org which allows us to visualize different plugins that are contributed by members of the Elgg community. In this article I will explain about what’s new on the Elgg Plugins Directory.

We can share our plugins

On the Elgg Plugins Directory you can upload plugins to share with other members. The target is improve and grow the directory to extend our elgg sites.

share your plugins whats new on elgg plugin directory edit description whats new on elgg plugin directory

Search plugins

Elgg plugin directory allows searches of plugins, themes or languages. You can search by category, Elgg Version, license type.

search what new on elgg plugin directory

Popularity Ranking

Elgg Plugins Directory shows us three types of listings plugins:

  • Newest
  • Most downloaded
  • Most recommended.

This gives us more information about the plugins that are most used and have better performance when implemented. Making it easier to find plugins that offer us quality and stability.

ranking what new on elgg plugin directory

Plugin profile

Each plugin in the directory has its respective profile. This profile shows the button to recommend, plugin screenshots, all versions for download, developer information, license, stats and a description about the plugin.

plugin profile what new on elgg plugin directory

Elgg Plugins Directory is ideal place to find more features to our elgg sites, add more functionalities and better performance.

This concludes What’s new on the Elgg Plugins Directory?

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