What’s new in nopCommerce 3.60

On June 15, 2015, nopCommerce released the new 3.60 version that packs a lot of new improvements and features. It is great to see the growing nopCommerce community and how fast this eCommerce solution is becoming mature. Today, we will go over some of the latest features and improvements that nopCommerce 3.60 version has to offer.

Brand new default theme

nopCommerce 3.60 has been released with a brand new modern theme. This new theme will certainly give many online store sites a functional and professional look irrespective of what industry the retail store belongs to. Special  thanks for “Nop-Templates” development team who contributed this fresh new theme to nopCommerce project. In the new theme, HTML have been refactored, which is a great news for many developers as it makes it easier to work with the design / layout while making any kind of changes or customization.



New responsive layout


Predefined (default) product attribute values

This was always been a missing piece of puzzle as in previous nopCommerce versions, a store owner had to add all the product attribute values repeatedly even if several products had common attribute options. The good news is that in nopCommerce 3.60, a store owner can “pre” define all the product attribute values once and simply link the attribute with the product(s). This is a big time saver feature when it comes up adding hunders (or even thousands) or products to the store site.


Discounts based on manufacturers

This new option has been added to nopCommerce 3.60 version in which discounts can be added to the store site for specific manufacturer (or a list of manufacturers). Another great feature is that all the discounts can be managed within “Discounts” section from administration section rather than going to each product and category to apply various discounts. This will certainly make a store owner’s job much easier in managing discounts / promotions.


Enhanced Security

Prevent XSRF attack for all admin area pages. Several note for developers – Now each admin area page should has @Html.AntiForgeryToken() line. Also have a look at how KendoUI grids and AJAX calls are protected with “addAntiForgeryToken ” javascript method. You can also use “AdminAntiForgery(true)” attribute if you want to skip such validation for some action for some reasons. (Source: nopCommerce 3.6 release notes)


Other improvements includes

– Enhanced CMS functionality
– Addition of refund message template
– Accessible topic pages or contact us page while store is closed
– Search engine optimization (e.g. option to add “alt” and “title” to product images)
– and much more

Here is the complete list of new features and improvements:  nopCommerce 3.6 release notes



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