What To Do If You Get Deprecated Warnings in Elgg 1.8

In this quick article, I will give you some recommendations if you are getting several deprecated warnings in Elgg 1.8.

I’ve been getting several emails from our Elgg users telling that they are getting some odd messages on their Elgg networks. Those odd messages were deprecated warnings. What are those? Those are messages that appear when you are using a plugin that was written or developed for older Elgg versions.

Elgg 1.8 was released a couple of months ago and some of the plugins are yet to be upgraded to the current Elgg release.

What can you do to solve this situation?

1. Download and install Quiet Deprecation Plugin for Elgg 1.8 here It will hide deprecation warnings.

2. Look for the plugin that is not compatible with Elgg 1.8, deactivate it and look for an alternative one.

3. Update the plugin by yourself. Here’s some documentation that will help you upgrading plugins.

We strongly suggest doing recommendation 2 and 3 so that you don’t fill our servers with log errors. Those deprecated warnings not only appearon your Elgg site, but also create an error log file that keeps growing and growing if you don’t take care of the situation.

If you experience problems with plugins and deprecated warnings, ask here or in our Elgg forum for support. This now concludes what to do if you get deprecated warnings in Elgg 1.8

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Happy Hosting!

Rodolfo Hernandez

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