What to Do If You Did Not Received an Email

Your contact phoned you that he/she sent you an email but you did not received that email. The reasons could be various. Like traditional postal system, email messaging system also relies on all parts of the delivery network (SMTP) working together. If the E-mail Server of sender is temporary unavailable (while accepting message from sender), or not setup a resend configuration of E-mails; will result in a delay. Sometimes a simple typo mistake in an email address causes such problem. If E-mail server at Arvixe receive the mail but unable to accept delivery of the email, the E-mail server will simple reply to sender about this and send a non-delivery report (NDR) detailing reason about this rejection, also containing an error code. However you need to check below to resolve the most common causes.
• The email quota of your email should not be filled and there should be space to accept the new message.
• You also need to check your SPAM folder to search expected email. A small overlook on SPAM setting in webmail/POP client can also result such problem.
• Another cause could be mail forwarding rule in your email account. If rule present, you need to check your target forwarding email account.
• Also be aware that expected email could be downloaded (then deleted) by other POP client like a mobile device.
• If you are sharing your email account with someone else, you should check with him. The other user might checked then delete that email message.

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