What is Web Hosting

Today we will be looking at what web hosting is, how it works, and why people need it. We will also take a look at the hosting options that Arvixe offers, so you can decide which one is right for you!

What is web hosting?

For people or companies to allow access to their website through the internet, they require a web hosting service. Web hosting companies, such as Arvixe Web Hosting, own or lease servers. These companies then provide space on a server for their clients to use. Web hosting companies allow users of the World Wide Web to connect to an individual or company’s webpage.

How does web hosting work?

A web hosting company like Arvixe has computers that are connected to the internet day and night. These computers are what are referred to as servers. Each individual server is assigned an IP address so that other computers that are connected to the internet may find them. These servers contain all of your web files. Whenever you type in an address in your browser, your computer sends a request to the web server, attempting to locate the specific page. If the page is available, your browser will either load or download this page!

Why do you need web hosting?

The simplest way to have a website available to everyone through the internet is by having web hosting. Whether you are interested in starting your own business or you simply want to share your family photos, web hosting is the first crucial step. Here at Arvixe, we offer several hosting options to suit your needs:

Our PersonalClass plans come equipped with everything you need to start your website. You will receive the quality service and support that you expect from Arvixe, at the lowest prices possible. PersonalClass hosting is perfect for those who want to have a small website to share photos or start a blog. However, it is also made for those that are just starting their business! Starting out on a PersonalClass plan is the best way to get your business up and running before upgrading to BusinessClass!

By decreasing the number of users on each server, our BusinessClass hosting plans greatly increase reliability and uptime. With BusinessClass hosting through Arvixe, you will receive the highest level of reliability in a shared hosting environment. If you are starting or already have a business, our BusinessClass plans will put you ahead of the competition and provide the stability and reliability that your customers expect and deserve!

Are you ready to become a web host? Our ResellerClass plans allow you to start offering your own web hosting accounts without any server administration knowledge! Let us handle the server management and technical support while you begin to create, manage and brand your very own web hosting company! ResellerClass plans are perfect for people or companies who want to become web hosts by being able to sell our award winning service as a product of their own! It is also very easy! With our simple WHM control panel, you provide some basic information and your customers can start accessing their control panel that is setup just for them!

Are you looking for something more than BusinessClass, but not quite DedicatedClass? Then our Virtual Private Server (VPS) may be right for you! With VPSClass hosting, you will receive the performance and exclusive environment offered by our dedicated servers! Not only that, but our VPS customers have full access to their operating system. All VPS accounts come fully equipped with the latest software that our shared hosting environment offers as well as access to our world class support personnel. This allows the customer to be able to install any custom application that would require administrative access to the system. Take full control of every aspect of your website with our VPSClass hosting plans!

Are you ready to blow away the competition and make your website the best that it can be? For our customers needing a serious web hosting platform with the highest level of performance, reliability and security, we offer our DedicatedClass hosting plans! These managed dedicated servers put you in control of your data and web hosting environment. You will have an entire server’s resources to host your website, greatly increasing uptime as well as security. With a DedicatedClass plan, you will receive 100% server management. We will handle 100% of the administration of the server for you! Also, nightly security updates and performance monitoring will make sure that your website is running smoothly. Hosting in our state of the art data center, you can be sure that your website has maximum uptime! Our DedicatedClass was specifically designed for those who are ready to take their website to the next level!

Try out Arvixe Web Hosting and you will truly experience the Arvixe Advantage, the advantage of working with the best!


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  1. It’s a very good summary about web hosting. Every company and enterpreneur need web hosting for getting customers online. It’s crucial. And you should pay attention which provider you choose!

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