What is Web Hosting?

To have a website accessible on the internet you need 2 essential things, a domain name and a web hosting provider. The domain is simply a unique name in combination with a domain extension (.com, .net etc) whereas your web hosting provider is the company that will make your domain name actually accessible to everyone on the internet.

Do you actually need web hosting? If you want a website that can be accessed by everyone surfing the internet, then yes. Without one only you would be able to access your websites files – unless of course you manually sent your websites files to everyone but that wouldn’t really be practical.

What kind of web hosting do I need?

Everyone has different needs so there is no “best package”, more, “what is best for your specific needs”. At Arvixe we offer a variety of packages to accommodate everyone’s needs so see below to determine which you need. If you’re still unsure of which package to opt for feel free to reach out to our sales department at sales [at] arvixe.com.

Shared HostingAs low as $4 per month

Shared hosting is the most popular of the lot and the cheapest. Most websites (especially

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

those just starting) should be more than fine on a shared hosting package. Simply put, shared hosting is a dedicated server that has been split between many other clients. As you’re sharing the environment with others, the price is drastically cheaper than any other hosting option where resources are dedicated.

From only $4 per month you are also eligible for a free domain name so at this incredibly low price point you can have a website accessible to everyone on the internet with your own domain address (example.com).

As resources are shared, there may be a point in time where your website is so popular that it is consuming more than it’s fair share of server resources (which is a good thing, keep up the hard work!). Once you outgrow the shared environment, the next step is to consider a virtual private server (or VPS for short).

Virtual Private ServerAs low as $20 per month

A virtual private server is the stepping stone between a shared package and a dedicated server. A VPS gives you FULL root access to the server so you have the ability to decide what software is installed on the server, which accounts are on your part of the server and

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

Like shared hosting, ram and CPU is shared with VPS servers though you do get a dedicated allocation just for your server making it a much more reliable optional compared to traditional shared hosting.

At Arvixe, we offer a fully managed and unmanaged VPS package. If you want a website control panel for free, a fully managed server including security then opt for this package. If you prefer to do all this yourself keeping costs to a minimal then our unmanaged package is for you.




Cloud HostingAs low as $108 per month

Arvixe cloud can be quite similar to a VPS though at the same time very different. With the

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

cloud offering you can scale your resources up and down as you need to. This is great if your websites are mission critical and you need to be able to very easily scale the resources allocated to your server in short notice.

Why is this useful? You might know your average traffic and resource usage for normal day to day operations of your business. But what happens if you get a sudden spike in traffic due to a promotion? With cloud you don’t have to put up with poor performance for any duration as you can very easily scale up and then down as needed.


Dedicated ServersAs low as $429 per month

A dedicated server is very different from the above offerings. Everything associated with

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

the server itself is yours, nothing is shared. Every website on the server will be the websites you allow to be on your server, no other client will be placed on the same server as yours which is great for the highest reliability and security.

A dedicated server whilst the most powerful is also the most expensive. At Arvixe we allow you to customize the hardware within each server setup so you can make it as powerful or budget friendly as you can possible.

Is a server for you? If you need raw powerful, the highest uptime, best security for high traffic or mission critical sites then yes, this might just be for you.


So… which do I choose?

If your website is new or you’re a small business then the shared package should do you fine. You can always upgrade to as you need to at a later date. If you have a thriving website with significant traffic then consider starting on a VPS or cloud server.

If you’re still unsure on what would be the best package for your website please reach out to our sales team, they will be more than happy to point you into the right direction.

Linux or ASP (Windows) Hosting?

Once you have decided on the type of web hosting you need, you might have noticed we offer 2 types of each package here at Arvixe, Linux and Windows. Just because your computer is Windows based doesn’t mean you should nor need to opt for a Windows web hosting account as these are completely separate.

I’ll start by saying most websites run on Linux. However, there are certain applications/software that will require ASP.NET which is only available within the Windows platform so to figure out the type of hosting you need, first look at the requirements of any web software you plan to use.

Again if you’re unsure, our sales team will be happy to point you into the right direction.

I have my hosting, now what?

Our friends at WebsiteSetup.org has put together a very nice infographic which generally explains the post-signup process:

How a Website is Created

Image provided by WebsiteSetup.org

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3 Comments on What is Web Hosting?

  1. Hafiz says:

    Will you please tell me, which hosting plan will be perfect for health niche site? I got 2000+ visitors per month. Please give suggestios.I am so much disapointed on my current hosting plan.

    • Alex says:


      I would recommend you contact our sales team (sales [at] arvixe.com). They should be able to point you into the right direction.



  2. Peter says:

    Great article! I’ve been thinking of moving to a Dedicated Server for a while now.
    Do you think it has a lot more advantages than just a standard hosting?

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