What is HTTP Streaming?


Ever noticed that in YouTube, videos can start playing from wherever you seek, I mean if you want to start watching from the middle, you can do it without waiting for it to finish downloading. This is called HTTP Streaming or also known as HTTP Pseudo-Streaming. An explanation on what it does.

With a HTTP Streaming capable video player, you can seek to not-yet-downloaded parts of the video. Like I said above, you can start watching from the middle, or wherever you position the ‘selector’. This feature works by doing HTTP calls or downloads of the video. HTML5 has by default HTTP Streaming enabled by default, capable of working in all browsers and servers.

This feature is also a must-have for every video sharing website, as it is more user friendly.


That’s all, I hope you now have a better idea of what this function does. Any comment, suggestion, etc, is accepted. I’ll be happy to assist you.


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