What is FTP?


We use it every day, but do we actually know its full functions and capabilities? Read more, I’ll show you.

File Transfer Protocol, or better known as: “FTP”, is used to transfer files over the Internet through a TCP connection. The system consists of a client and a server. A connection is opened, either active or passive. Active connection, works by sending the request to the server and waiting until the server opens the TCP connection. Passive connection, works the other way around; when servers are behind firewalls and do not allow TCP connection inbound, the client sends the command to open a passive connection (PASV), and then the server sends an open connection request to the client.

Files are not encrypted during an FTP connection. If you need encryption in your files, you must use FTPS. Using FTPS, sends a command to the server (AUTH TLS), which asks the server to encrypt files.

It’s always good to have some more knowledge of something you use every day. Any question, comments, suggestions, let me know.

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