What is “Cache” memory?


Have you ever gone into computers’ system specifications and seen that there is a memory called Cache? Well, for me it was quite different.. I was building a computer to a friend of mine, and I was asking him which processor he wanted to have installed, so when I showed him the options he asked me what the Cache memory was, so I had to explain him. Throughout the web and out of the web, there are a lot  of people wondering what does the Cache memory stands for, so here is an article explaining you, web users, what is it. Enjoy.

Basically the cache memory is a type of RAM (Random Access Memory) that stores information that is used more often by the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The Cache memory is really fast in reading and writing compared to the regular RAM. When certain information or data is needed, it searches the Cache memory first, and if it is not found in there, it searches the regular RAM.

Cache is part of the processor, you might have seen processors that have L1, L2, and some even have L3 memory. The L1 memory is the one that is inside the processor, and the L2 is a separate chip out of the processor. L3 memory works in conjunction with L1 and L2, it can be bigger than L1 and L2, but it’s slower, though, not as slow as regular RAM.

Something you have to understand when purchasing a computer, or building your own, is that if you got a super fast processor with a lot of RAM, but very low Cache memory, it will slow down the processes and won’t let you get the max. The same way if you have a slow processor, regular RAM, and lots of Cache, it would be much more faster!


And that’s all, people, I hope you have a better understanding what the Cache memory is and it’s function in the computer. Any comments, suggestions, etc, please let me know, I’d love to hear what you think.


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  1. Stephen says:

    I think this is a bit out of date. The AMD Phenom II processors have L1, L2, and L3 on one chip with the processor – except the mobile ones, which lack L3. Don’t know about the Intel offerings – probably competitive!

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