What is Attracta and How Can It Help Me?

Edit: Effective 8/27/2015 Arvixe is no longer offering Attracta SEO via cPanel.

So you were browsing your cPanel and noticed a new set of features. This new third party software bundle is a standard feature that is now integrated into cPanel. At first glance you see FREE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools:

This new bundle is brought to you by Attracta and can be a huge help! But what is Attracta? What does it do? And most importantly: how can it help you?

What is Attracta?

So you’re probably asking yourself: what is Attracta? Attracta is simply the world’s largest Search Engine Optimization service. Attracta is used by over one million websites, and now that it is implemented into cPanel, it is here to help you too! Attracta has been around since 2009, is trusted throughout the world, and is the most popular SEO provider!

What does Attracta do?

Attracta has only one goal: to increase a website’s traffic. It works in a very simple and effective way to drive traffic to a website. First, the software goes throughout your entire website, finds every single page, and creates an XML Sitemap and SEO Dashboard report. Attracta not only creates these reports, but also helps you find and fix SEO errors you may have on your site. Then, the XML Sitemap is submitted to the XML interface of search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Ask, and many more. Finally, all of these search engines use the XML Sitemap to bring more traffic to your website by including more of your pages in their search results. The final result: more relevant traffic to your website! Attracta’s free set of SEO tools includes: 1,000 page XML Sitemap Submission search engines, Google Blacklist Check, Link Building Tools, Social Networking Tools, and SEO Tips and Tutorials.

How can Attracta help me?

Whether you are a new website or have been active for many years, there is no doubt that Attracta will bring you traffic. And as the number of websites on the internet grows, it becomes harder and harder for websites to stand out and become competitive. This is where Attracta comes in! Attracta will promote your website; taking you from just another site that is lost in the crowd, to a site that is leading the pack! There is no question about the importance of website traffic. cPanel believes that SEO tools are so important that they have decided to include it in their software. As Aaron Philips, cPanel’s Vice President of Operations said, “every website needs traffic, and since Attracta’s XML Sitemap technology has proven to work well for our customers, it only made sense to include it as a core feature of our control panel software.” And best of all, it’s absolutely free!

So in conclusion, Attracta is the world’s leading Search Engine Optimization service that will help your website attract more relevant traffic through its set of free tools. Every website can benefit from using Attracta!

Stay tuned on the Arvixe Blog for a tutorial on how to begin using Attracta’s free SEO tools on your website!

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4 Comments on What is Attracta and How Can It Help Me?

  1. Hey, thankyou for a truly enjoyable posting, I would not generally , submit posts but appreciated your weblog and so felt I would say thankyou ~ Isabela

  2. Jeff says:

    I used Attracta’s free service and thought I’d test one of the other services through a 30-day trial. The sales person up-sold me to their TopListing service, assuring me that I could cancel and get a prorated refund at any time since I had to pay for a year upfront. After a couple of months I was dissatisfied with the results of the service and decided to cancel. Attracta then only refunded me a third of the amount I was due back, claiming that setting up my account took the bulk of effort and therefore my money. I would stay far away from Attracta, they are misleading in the way they sell their product and once your money has been paid the one thing you can be sure of is that your money is gone for good.

    • Persys says:

      how many days you used attracta? because I got good experience with that tools / product and services, even my clients also satisfied with flow of visitors

  3. Mike says:

    I’m new at all of this, but I have to say that I really appreciate Arvixe. They way you keep me informed on changes, and you very quick responses to my issues has been fantastic! Really glad to have your team as my host. Thank you, Mike

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