What can I do with WordPress?

A couple of weeks ago started to notice that people who use to work with WordPress were amazed about how it has evolved.

Sadly, most people still believe it is just a blogging platform which isn’t exactly accurate today.

In January 2004 it began with just blogs. This was version 1. 2005 saw the release of 1.5, by version 2.2 WordPress starting adding new functionality such as widgets which increased the flexibility of WordPress heavily.

By version 2.6 and 2.7, WordPress saw jQuery and improved Ajax. So since day 1, WordPress really has evolved into more than just a blogging platform which can now power portfolio sites, eCommerce platforms, community forums and more.


And thanks to the 3rd party developers, tools like Visual composers, drag and drop frameworks, and many other “non code” features, WordPress is growing to have master complex sites, with minimal effort, it is almost non required to know “how to code”, obviously if you know how to do it you have a big advantage to those who don’t, but even a rookie developer can have a site working in a couple of hours, maybe it is awful, but it works!

You can have a site with static pages like Home – About us – Contact – Product, and ad a blog right there, with different categories, and even gain access from the menu to each category, so you can have a lot of options to have your site how you actually imagined.

You can embed any type of media, from images of course, to videos, audio files, calendars, social networks feeds, forums, etc. You just can Google “Wordpress use examples” and there will be tons of different websites showcasing the kind of site you can achieve with WordPress and that can be use for inspiration also.

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